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Vertical Balers

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We are very excited about the products and services we offer for the recycling industry. Some of the services we offer are as follows:
  • New and used equipment sales (balers, conveyors, shredders, shears, densifiers etc.)
  • Preventative maintenance programs for all of your recycling equipment
  • Wire tie maintenance and PLC programming services
  • Consumable sales (wire - bundles, boxes or carriers)
  • Rebuilding equipment to like new specifications
  • Design and consultation services for complete recycling solutions
  • PLC Diagnostics on all makes and models
Baler Truck Delivery

We deliver and install vertical balers onsite, done seamlessly and professionally by one of our trained technicians.


Harris Waste Equipment has over a century of experience manufacturing a wide array of recycling equipment. Harris manufactures shears, densifiers, shredders, and most notably balers, for both ferrous and non-ferrous applications. From solid waste management to scrap recycling, Harris has a baler to fit your needs. Harris is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and support of scrap processing, recycling, size reduction, material, and waste handling equipment. We represent Harris in Illinois, Michigan, and northern Indiana.
Hustler-Conveyor Hustler Conveyor Company custom designs conveyors to meet your solid waste and scrap handling requirements. As a leader in the recycling industry for 50 years, Hustler designs, manufactures, and provides the most economical and cost effective solutions for your recycling, mixed solid waste, and scrap processing needs. Hustler can provide you with individual system components or a complete system totally integrated for superior operating efficiency. They will also custom-build precisely what is needed to fit in with any unique layouts and applications
Karl W. Schmidt & Associates is proud to offer the finest in multi-material processing solutions for the recycling industries. Constructed of the finest quality components and materials, our equipment is built to support the specific demands of your operation. We stand behind every piece of our equipment to ensure that it meets or exceeds your needs and expectations. Whether you call your application Single Stream, Dual Stream, All Together Recycling, Dirty MRF, Dry Commercial or other… KWS has technologies to employ to solve your needs.
Accent Wire is a leading provider of baling wire and wire tier solutions in North America. Accent is a full service, single-source supplier to the industry. Accent stocks all types of baling wire and manufactures the most innovative wire tier systems. Accent also provides parts and service for all makes of wire tiers.
L&P Wire Tie is the leading manufacturer of designed systems for wire. We have been providing Total System Assurance to our baling customers for over 50 years. Our service program is the most comprehensive in the industry.
IPS Balers IPS Baler offers decades of experience in baler engineering and manufacturing. IPS Balers are an exceptional solution to all baling needs. Innovation and performance are key features applied to their entire baler line, from their largest high-performance Conquest™ balers to the smallest baler models.

• Vertical Balers • Auto-Tie Horizontal Baler • Manual-Tie Balerss
• Two Ram Balers • Recycling Balers
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